subject matter

subject matter
what a communication that is about something is about (Freq. 3)
Syn: ↑message, ↑content, ↑substance
Hypernyms: ↑communication
body, ↑corker, ↑reminder, ↑request, ↑petition, ↑postulation, ↑memorial, ↑latent content, ↑subject, ↑topic, ↑theme, ↑digression, ↑aside, ↑excursus, ↑divagation, ↑parenthesis, ↑meaning, ↑significance, ↑signification, ↑import, ↑nonsense, ↑bunk, ↑nonsensicality, ↑meaninglessness, ↑hokum, ↑drivel, ↑garbage, ↑acknowledgment, ↑acknowledgement, ↑refusal, ↑information, ↑info, ↑guidance, ↑counsel, ↑counseling, ↑counselling, ↑direction, ↑commitment, ↑dedication, ↑approval, ↑commendation, ↑disapproval, ↑respects, ↑disrespect, ↑discourtesy, ↑interpolation, ↑insertion, ↑statement, ↑wit, ↑humor, ↑humour, ↑witticism, ↑wittiness, ↑opinion, ↑view, ↑instruction, ↑proposal, ↑offer, ↑offering, ↑submission, ↑entry, ↑narrative, ↑narration, ↑story, ↑tale, ↑promotion, ↑publicity, ↑promotional material, ↑packaging, ↑sensationalism, ↑shocker

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noun [noncount]
: the information or ideas that are discussed or dealt with in a book, movie, etc. : what something is about

I found the film's subject matter to be quite disturbing.

The magazine's editors care more about style than about subject matter. [=content]

She disapproves of the artist's choice of subject matter.

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ˈsubject matter [subject matter subject-matters] noun uncountable
the ideas or information contained in a book, speech, painting, etc

The artist was revolutionary in both subject matter and technique.

She's searching for subject matter for her new book.

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